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Why playing by the rules and doing the “right” things is STOPPING you from being successful at work.

So HOW can you excel in your career without playing by the rules?

Using proven success strategies to change the game and to get the recognition, opportunities and paycheck you deserve (while remaining totally true to yourself).

The current rules suck....

Do you wonder how you can make everyone intently listen to your ideas and input in meetings, rather than having what you just said mansplained back to you?

Do you try to self-promote because you know you’re supposed to being leaning in and being your own best advocate, but every time you do it doesn’t seem to work and you kinda feel like you need a shower afterward?

Have you secretly wished you were the one on stage or leading a crucial presentation because you know so much more than whatever dude is up there talking?

Are you trying to find mentors and sponsors and you’ve sent one of those “will you be my mentor” emails and pondered who cringed harder about it - you or them?

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You not alone - in fact, I used to be just like you

Before I moved to New York City I thought my career was really a life sentence of low-level roles.


But when you move to the most competitive overachieving city in the world and are starting from scratch (without an Ivy League education and expansive network) - that’s a great time to decide you want to do something with your career.


I took a job that was interesting and I knew I would excel at. I embraced my disruptor tendencies and invested all of my time and resources into figuring out strategies that I - someone with few advantages in the tech industry - could use to accelerate my career.


And it worked. I got the promotions, the pay increases, the headhunters, the speaking gigs, the glory.


I couldn’t keep my strategies secret. I started teaching everyone I could until I realized I need to leave my cushy corporate job to invest fulltime into my actual purpose: helping other women create the careers (and lives) they deserve.

What is the Career Accelerator?

Without boring you with a program outline (though they can be an excellent cure for insomnia), here’s what you can expect as a result of joining the Career Accelerator:


Crystal clarity on exactly what you from your career so that you can leave the “what should I do when I grow up” zone for good.


Be seen as the authority. Get kudos at work, get noticed by leadership, become a known expert in your industry.


Stop applying for jobs and start being recruited for them.


Establish a network of advocates (including mentors and sponsors) who are going to help you grow.


Above all, you’ll gain the courage to unapologetically pursue your potential and confidence that your success is inevitable.

Sounds interesting, tell me more

  • It is an eight-week online coaching program and designed to actually be accomplishable (is that a word? Well, it is now). 

  • Weekly training + coaching calls to guide you through each step with the level of hand-holding you desire.

  • Support through the whole process. Stuck on a question? We’ll answer it. Having an existential crisis? We’ll virtually hold you and coach you through it. Shit hit the fan at work and you need tactical advice and a script to navigate? Text us. Seriously, we have your back.

  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile optimization to help you land a new job, get the promotion and/or establish your position as a badass authority that everyone should know.

  • Wherever it serves, templates and guides so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


But will it work for me?

We rewrote the rules so that you can win and have the career you want.


… Even if you are totally undervalued and unrecognized right now.

… Even if you don’t have fancy degrees from top tier schools and are surrounded by people that do.

… Even if you’re not totally sure what career success means for you (because we’re going to help you figure that out).

… Even if you have done everything the books and so-called gurus have told you and it hasn’t worked.

Just one of the love notes I've received..



Are you ready to accelerate your career?

There are approximately 1,308,304 Career Coaches and Strategist out there. (Okay, I made up that number, but it feels like there's at least that many...)


But only few specialize in helping women in male-dominated industries thrive...


And only one of them gives you the tools, mindset and strategies you need to change the game


No instructions on how to fit into the boys club, to flirt your way up the corporate ladder, or to do anything that isn’t totally authentic to you.


You don’t have to send out cringey “networking” emails in hopes of finding a job, a mentor, a sponsor or anyone else. 


You don’t have to work harder and sell more of your soul ‘playing the game’ until you eventually hate your career and in a last act of desperation quit to hawk face cream on Facebook *shudders*


You don’t have to be the guinea pig as your coach who never climbed the corporate ladder before tries to figure it out (and risks your career while they cash your checks)


You don’t have to lie about how much progress you’re making at work when your mom asks you about it.


Want to struggle for years while your Career Coach charges you by the hour so they can constantly give you bug-fixes for their strategies that don’t work? 


Or do you want the proven strategies and support you need to get on the path to the corner office, the conference stage, and anywhere else you want to go in your career?


PS: Even if you choose another program, DO NOT choose ad hoc sessions. These never yield the answers and are designed to bleed your bank account, which is exactly why I do not offer them.

There are so many Career Coaching Programs out there. Why Should I Choose This One?

Imagine this...

Today is a big day as you’re making a presentation, and you’re excited and energized as you arrive at the office. One of your colleagues asks if they can get your opinion on a project they’re working on, you’re frequently asked for your input and feel honored for your contributions to be so valued. 


Your first meeting of the day is with your boss, they want to speak to you about a promotion that may be coming up, and senior leadership wants you in the role. Things are still in the works, but once it’s greenlit it is yours if you want it. You’re surprised but delighted at the prospect of a new challenge.


After the meeting wraps check your emails, and aside from the usual internal notes and customer messages, there is a message from a headhunter with an opportunity at one of the most buzzworthy companies out there, and another one from a blogger asking for your comments for a piece they’re working on. 


You still pinch yourself to make sure it’s all real… thankfully, it is since you decided to slay your career.

Start creating your dream career (and life)

Let’s face it, the next 8 weeks will pass by either way…

Will you use to repeat the same tactics (or lack thereof) that don’t work and keep getting more stuck?


Or will you draw a line in the sand today and OWN the fact that you are meant to be exceptional and invest the time, energy and resources to get on the career path you really want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I apply?

Some applications are automatically pre-qualified and you will be invited to schedule a Strategy Call. If you are not automatically pre-qualified you can expect to hear from us on next steps within 3 business days. 

How do you know the program will work for me?

#HARDTRUTH If someone tells you they are everything to everyone they are nothing to nobody. We know who we serve and what are superpowers are. That’s why this program is by invitation only - if we invite you, it’s because we KNOW it will change your life. 

How quickly will I get promoted / become an authority / get the job of my dreams?

Let’s be honest, this depends on you - are you a wanter or a doer? This is the bottom line, I can give you the tools, strategies and hand-holding you need to do this - but I cannot do the work for you. You get what you put in. Success doesn’t create itself ya know?

What happens when I join?

First, we do a happy dance because women taking control of their career is LIFE. Next, you’ll review and sign the coaching agreement, and then you’ll get access to the program and start slaying!

I already know I want this, why can't I just register?

The Career Accelerator is by invitation only. We only invite people to participate when we know that we can give them exactly what they need, our goal is for every client to become a testimonial. Ultimately, we sell the Career Accelerator, not our souls and if we sold to everyone we know some people who aren't a good fit would join and we would be selling the latter rather than the former. And that wouldn’t feel good for anyone.

Am I ready?

You’re not here because you want to stay exactly where you are. You are reading this page because you want to change your current path. It’s normal to feel fear, unworthiness, and all sorts of other things when you’re making an uplevel - but that’s all even more reason to apply. Because if you lean into that fear it will fester, what you need is support to understand your limiting beliefs and release them.

How can I prepare for my Strategy Call?

The most important thing: block that time and protect it like someone is handing you a check for $250k at the end (I did some math, and if you join the program it’s not far off).  The most important thing in your world is YOU. This is a time investment in yourself and you deserve it. Even if you don’t receive an invitation to join the Career Accelerator, our goal on the Strategy Call is for you to have at least one moment where you say WHOA. We even get testimonials just from these calls.

Is it expensive?

Not going to lie: this is not a discount program. Cheap advice is bad advice, and that’s not what we offer. Listen, at the end of the day, money is currency and currency is energy and you need to show up with energy if you want to accelerate your career. We know that not everyone has a bank account that would make an heiress jealous, so we do offer payment options. If you really want this, we’ll help you figure out a way - because we want you to have it and everything you dream about (and more)!

You didn't get all the way down here because you don't want this. Stop hiding from your potential and...

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