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Worried about landing any job - let alone your dream job?

Agonized to your mom, bestie, and mail carrier until they are all about *this close* to being over listening to you complain about not getting the job, the promotion, the recognition or the pay you want?

Googled something like “how to get a new job”, “feeling unappreciated at work”, or “how can I deal with the mean girl at work”  or fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole, but struggled to apply the advice you found to your situation?

Been caught up in workplace drama, or found yourself struggling to navigate corporate politics in a way that is effective, ethical and authentic to you.

Considered shelving your ambition because it should not be this hard.

Success is Not Solitary

Don't dress the part. Act the part. Show up like an executive by bringing a Career Success Coach onto your Personal Board of Directors (and into your  toolbox).

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Knowing and owning your Unique Awesomeness Quotient (UAQ) is key to getting the promotions, praise and pay you deserve. In this free guide, you'll learn the 5 steps to uncover your UAQ and start bringing it to life to accelerate your career.


I’ve taken the well-intentioned by bad advice from friends, driven my husband mad with my complaining, read books like “How to work with people you hate” in desperate attempts to rehab an extremely toxic workplace all by myself (turns out everyone else loved its toxicity, who knew), and I’ve slammed my head against the wall until I got the right help.

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Through our flexible one on one coaching options, here is how we can help you smash your career goals:

Strategic job search

Salary Negotiations

Growing Authority

LinkedIn profile

Job promotions

Interview Prep

LinkedIn strategy



Create your Plan B

Workplace Issues

Achieving Expert Status

You are ready to step in your power, potential & purpose

and we are here for it

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Whether it's tackling a specific issue, answering the eternal question, 'Am I doing this right?', or want to get a feel for coaching before you commit to a program or Regular Thing, or you just want sessions as you need them, we have options for you.

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There are so many benefits to commit to your professional growth. Support your short and long term career goals, get support between sessions, and get exclusive first access and discounts on our tools, courses & resources.

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One 20 minutes session

LIMITED AVAILABILITY! You would be amazed by what we can accomplish in 20 minutes! In this action-packed session, we'll delve right into your roadblock, refining your UAQ, figuring out what to do on this LinkedIn-ma-bobber, or troubleshooting a workplace conflict.

No matter what it is, you'll leave with your next step being crystal clear to you. 


One 1 hour session

You've been thinking (okay, obsessing) about this for a while and you're ready to get into the weeds and pull them out by the roots. We'll cover tactical strategy, start uncovering and addressing those pesky limiting beliefs (you know, the voice that says ' I can't'), and leave you with marching orders so you know what to do next. 

We know it doesn't end there, so we'll also send resource recommendations so you are fully empowered to succeed.

Investment: $450 per session

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You are ready to make a commitment to your goals & yourself

Like pre-booking your workouts, pre-booking your coaching has so many advantages. Aside from keeping it a regular thing, our Continual Coaching clients get several additional benefits:

Extended booking options, including afterhours timeslots & expanded availability

Exclusive discounts on tools, courses & extra sessions (if ever needed)

Ongoing support between session by text & email

Guaranteed availability each month

... and we don't lock you into lengthy contracts you later regret. Start and stop as you need!

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We'll meet once a month one on one to strategize your next move, plan your success, and plot to take over the world (the last item is optional). PLUS ss long as you maintain your membership, you can roll an unused session into the next month, while you still get all the ELITE member benefits.

Investment $500/mo

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Our most popular membership! Everything in ELITE Une, but we'll meet twice a month, giving you biweekly support. This is the ultimate membership for the ambitious professional who wants to GSD. We reward commitment here, so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Investment: $850/mo

HELP! I have no idea what I need...

We've got you! Once you apply for coaching and we determine that you are someone we can help, you'll be invited to a Breakthrough Call where we'll identify the real issue (and therefore solution) and suggest which program or coaching package will help you best. 

Most Career Coaches give a free session, why don't you?

Because my dear, those are not free sessions. Those are sales calls camouflaged as a service - and TBH we think it's really dishonest to trick people like that. Transparency is super important to us, so we call things what they are, give you all the options, and you'll find all pricing upfront. No hiding. No trickery. No calls that end in you being out 53k+ with more questions than answers.

If I apply, won't you just push me to the most expensive option?

EFF NO!!! Listen, we want to get you the solution you need. Sometimes that means you need one of our Rapid Acceleration Tools, sometimes it means the Career Accelerator or Regular Thing coaching packages is your best option. Ultimately, we want to be #careerbesties4life, and selling you shit you don't need doesn't serve our goal or yours. 

How do I book the session? 

We had a little change due to the volumes. You can still book Pick My Brain sessions on demand, but the availability is very limited. All other 1:1 coaching does require an application. If you are looking for a single Solution Session and based on your application we know that's the right choice, we will get you booked. For Regular Thing packages, the Career Accelertor and when a series of Solution Sessions would be the best option, we will invite you to a Breakthrough Call to figure out which is best.

Do you offer your money-back guarantee on coaching?

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on any of our one on one coaching options. Why, you ask? Because fundamentally, you are purchasing time, my friend, and that is something you cannot return. This is one of the reasons our Breakthrough Call is so important - just like when you interview at a company, know that its not just a matter of you being accepted into one of our programs - it's also time for you to make sure you are choosing the right Career Strategist.

How can I prepare for my session?

Depending on which level of coaching, you will get information from us with what to do and when to do it. For our one Coaching When You Need It options, we will send a questionnaire you must complete before the call - it's simply to get context to maximize our time. 

I've never had a coaching session before, what can I expect?

Each session is unique, as each person and each goal is different, but you can expect a good amount of self-exploration (this is all about you, after all), but we'll offer alternate perspectives and tactical advice for you to consider and help you make your next step plan.

A few questions that come up often...