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How to go from desperate to dream job even if you have no prospects, a paltry network, and no idea what you are doing.

(and make you feel kinda like this)

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You're looking for your next job.

You want an inbox swimming with interview requests.

TBH an awesome offer to brag about wouldn't hurt either.

You have been told you need to network like a boss, hack the ATS, unlock the hidden job market, and a meditation practice if you want it to rain job offers.

But honestly, you have no idea how to do any of those things...

Or if they're even necessary.

Most days you feel like you're doing *all of the things* but none of the right things.

You don’t have an illustrious network, fancy Ivy League degrees, and FFS you cannot find the passcode to the Secret Get Hired Society.

But you see the possibilities and that if you do the right things you might not just get *a job* - you might land your dream job.


You ask your friends for tips.


You buy a ton of books, hoping they help you crack the code.

You sign up to endless webinars where you learn nothing because they're really 90 minute sales pitches for $2,000+ programs

Maybe you bought the program, only to be buried under dozens of strategies, enough training videos to last a year-long binge, yet still leaves you scratching your head (and #dreamjobless)

All of your efforts are futile...

No recruiters banging down your door.

No insider knowledge or secret job listings.

No one putting in a good word.

No interviews

No offers.

No hope.

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Yet still the only thing lighter than your wallet is your calendar. You feel like you're relegated to being an envious timeline stalker, wondering how you aren't getting hired when everyone else.

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Send more resumes.

Make awkward asks for referrals.

Watch every YouTube video on how to find a job.

Get resume writers, LinkedIn profile pro's, coaching by the hour...

And you're left...

Wondering why nothing is working for you.
Pondering what you should be doing.
Grappling with self-doubt. 
Puzzling over the contradictory advice you get.
Doubting that anyone will ever hire you again.

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While everyone else gets...

Ushered into interviews.
The offers you want.

The dream job.
All with the power of strategic search.


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There is a system that takes it all away without

... the need to apply for hundreds of jobs

... the problem of knowing who to network with (and how to network with them)

... the struggle with getting through an ATS to *maybe* be one of the few chosen for the interview.

...the confusion of countless complex job search strategies.


It literally & truly takes you from overlooked and desperate to super desirable top candidate in as little as 90 minutes a day without making your job search your life.


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How to use the Strategic Search System to get more interviews and land your dream job, even if you have no prospects and no network.

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Why Listen to Jennifer.png

I am just as ambitious, hopeful, and smart as you are.

I am a working mom (read: I sometimes work the strangest hours to #haveitall).

I have climbed the corporate ladder just about as high as I wanted to (okay, a rung higher TBH).

I used to be a job hopper with stints as a recruiter, sales rep, trainer, bookkeeper, network administrator, and so much more.

Now I am a full-time Career Strategist helping ambitious professionals elevate and accelerate their careers.

You might have come across my name in Business Insider, Fast Company, MSN Money, Working Mother, Thrive Global, The Zoe Report, or more than a dozen other publications. I also have a Top Career Youtube Channel and TikTok where I have helped tens of thousands cultivate the career they want.

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Okay, I know what you're thinking...

It won’t work for me because I’m a networking novice or I have no high profile connections.

If it was so simple, no one would struggle to get hired by their dream company.

How is this different from the books, the blogs, or the coaching programs I see advertised everywhere else.

Marble Surface

Let me show you why this is infinitely more awesome than anything you have ever seen before

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This is a tactical execution guide that includes the training, workbook, and resources you need to slay your search.

We use the principle of precision & optimize for time, because job search burnout is REAL.

Short, to the point, training and a guide to walk you through the strategies that work (and the most effective approach to each).

Accessible to everyone.

Other programs.png

Months of boring AF modules, overwhelming amounts of information, and a bonus cure to insomnia.

Requires 12 hour days, awkward interactions, and either solving your problems by hustling harder or meditation (no middle ground).

The spaghetti approach: all of the modules, all of the options, all of the confusion, all of the time lost.

Cost thousands of dollars.


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A peak inside Hired in a Hurry.png


Get clear on what you’re looking for (and where you’re looking for it)

value $247


A crash course in precision network & how to do it 100% online.

value $397


Cohesively walks you through each step of the process.

value $47


An exact step by step of what you need to do before you click apply.

value $197


Your  LinkedIn optimization basics done and dusted to appear in search.

value $297

No need to pull out the calculator to add up what this is worth...

The total value is $1,185

Become a NegotiateHER
Hired in a Hurry Logo (1).png

Get all of it for just $147

Or 3 monthly payments of $59

We put our money where our mouth is.

money back guarantee (1).png

Realize you can't stand Jennifer's West Coast Canadian twang? Feel like the tactics are not for you? Decided you want to stay stuck instead of joining a tribe of #careerclimbers?

Look, if you're not happy we're not happy. And then we get frown lines and our botox bills go up, and that sounds tremendously unpleasant for everyone involved. We offer a no questions* asked money-back guarantee within 30 days.

*Okay, we DO ask some questions like is there a way we can make it work for you, but we require no hoop jumping other than that teeny tiny hoop.

Questions Keeping You on the Fence? Let us help...

Where and when do the classes take place?

It’s all online on-demand so you can do it at your pace, in the comfort of your own home, without judgement if you don’t wear pants or brush your teeth (okay maybe some judgement on the latter).

I’ve been getting interviews, but not offers, do I need this?

We don’t cover any interview awesomeness in this course. Though it may help you frame yourself as the lead candidate and you would just need to maintain it, chances are it won't be the magical solution you need. If you want our thoughts specifically for you, feel free to get in touch and we can help.

I’m currently searching for my next opportunity, will this program help me?

Yes! This is literally why this program was created. Now, let’s get you your dream job!

How long will it take?

The base work can be done in a day if you are so inclined, but it's self-paced so you can take it as fast or slowly as you want. Once the foundation is laid, the daily steps can be done in as little as 90 minutes per day (which is so much better than spending countless hours trawling job boards, amirite?).

Do I need to get Remarkable Resume for this to work?

Obvs we think having a remarkable resume is super important, but if your resume already slays no need to overthink it, just follow the steps we outline to help you boost your chances of getting the interview.

Do you guarantee I’ll get my dream job? What if I realize this just isn’t for me?

We can't guarantee you’ll get your dream job or that you'll get hired in x days. BUT we do guarantee satisfaction. If you get zero value, are driven mad by the occassional typo (Jennifer makes A LOT of them, it's hard for our proofreader even to catch them all), simply email us within 30 days for a total refund.

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