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The Secrets to Slay

Salary Negotiations


Learn the three negotiation secrets that make companies throw money at you and beg for you to please take it - all without any slimey tactics or the risk of looking like a money-grabbing bee with a terrible itch.

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Spoiler Alert! Here is a sneakpeak at what you'll get from the masterclass

The super-simple thing you can do that will earn you $500k on average (I give you permission to plan ways to invest it on luxury bags and shoes #worthit).

What you SHOULD be asking for when you're asked the dreaded "What is your salary expectation?" question that will get you top dollar (hint: it's NOT what you think).

The tactic no one uses, even though it transforms even the shrewdest negotiators into adorable kittens who scramble to give you everything you want.

The mindset hack that will totally transform your approach without feeling (or looking like) a money-hungry sleazeball.


This is not your typical masterclass, and I want you to come prepared...

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I can not wait to see you break free of your negotiation aversion and start slaying salary discussions!


After negotiating offers and increases between 20-40k for herself, Jennifer Brick started helping her friends and clients do the same. With experience as a recruiter, hiring manager, and a year during university negotiating plea bargains at a criminal defense firm, she has learned the negotiation tactics that work - even if you're female (and not supposed to ask for more). Advice has been featured in major publications like Business Insider, Fast Company, MSN Money and The Zoe Report

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