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Are you ready to break up with your #paygap?

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Do not read this if you are fundamentally against being fully valued by potential employers, being extremely confident in whatever you ask for, smashing the heck out of your fear of asking for the salary you really want,



If the idea of easily commanding the salary you want is appealing to you.


If the notion of being fully valued by the company you are joining makes you want to drop what you're doing and dance.

If you want your paycheck to match the awesomeness and the lifestyle you aspire to have.

Then drop any distraction and listen as though there was a pot of gold on the other side of what I'm about to tell you...


You NEED not just know what you ask for...

You NEED to have the bold confidence of a questionably competent white guy (no offense to the awesome white guys)

You NEED to know how to have the conversations in a way that doesn't feel gross, lacks off bro-baggery, and actually works.

Are you ready to become a NegotiateHER?

Repeat after me: I am not average & my salary should not be below average

If you're good  (or, let's be honest, exceptional) at what you do, but asking for lower-than-you-should compensation instead of asking for the competitive salary you deserve,  that's what you're going to get.

The problem is too many people take bad advice...

The gurus and experts who tell you to choose between $$$ and the things you need to have joy and sanity in your life *ahem PTO*. You don't have to choose.

That you shouldn't care about money and you should be focused on the opportunity. But it's not about the money, it's about being valued. And also, stop shoulding all over the place.

That once you get in there and prove yourself you'll be showered with raises and promotions and goldstars. The average salary increase with a new job is 2x higher than a promotion increase.

And too often they tell you the rules they wrote and desperately want to uphold because it looks good for them to make an awesome hire for thousands of dollars under budget. When good companies are eager to invest in their teams.

They tell you to play it safe because they are. They are average, and dole out mediocrity as an aspiration. Do you aspire to be average or do you aspire to be extraordinary?


Imagine getting top dollar - even if they didn't budget for you...

My client J had already interviewed and discussed numbers before we started working together. In the program, she realized she needed to raise her expectations. She received an offer and was able to negotiate it to meet her new target range - even though it was above their budget. And it wasn't just an additional 35% she accepted with the job offer - the role was an overall fit as the best next step in her career.

Be like Jessi! 

Once you become a negotiateHER

Never again will you...

Be too afraid to ask for what you want.

Accept an offer not knowing if it was the best offer.

Wonder if you're settling.

Instead you'll...

Discuss compensation with confidence.

Know your offer reflects your awesomeness.

Be humblebragging about your new job.

Where the psychology, science, and art of negotiation come together so you can navigate a negotiation in a way that feels natural, builds relationships and actually works...
Even if the thought of negotiating makes you break into hives.
Even if you're underpaid in your current role.
Even if you have no idea what to ask for or how to ask for it.
Even if you think there is no way you could become a negotiateHER.

Thanks to Jennifer, I was able to negotiate with confidence and receive what I wanted.


- Charlene

Say NO to settling for another ho-hum job offer


Slay Salary Negotiations.png

Slay Salary Negotiations Intensive (value $1997)

Training to ace each stage of the process

Own Your Number

  • Crystal clear clarity + confidence in exactly what you want.

Own the Conversation

  • How to manage salary discussions at every point in the process.

Own the Offer

  • Be the negotiateHER to transform a ho-hum offer into one you excitedly sign.

PS: We are against death by powerpoint and hours and hours of useless content. We cover only what you need and leave the fillers to our faces.

BONUS 1: Scripts & Templates (value $497)

Why invent the perfect words to use, when they already exist? In Scripts &  Templates: Exactly What To Say you can borrow our words to help you perfect your own. You can customize them, use them verbatim, whatever form of communication magic you need.

Scripts & Templates Exactly What to Say.
NegotiateHER Community.png

BONUS 2: NegotiateHER Community (value $497)


You are not alone. We know every negotiateHER is stronger standing among an amazing tribe of likeminded ambitious negotiateHERs. You will gain access to our private Facebook group to get support, share wins and network.

BONUS 3: Understanding Equity (value $97)


If you're thinking about joining a startup, understanding equity compensation is a must to understand and negotiate your offer. This primer provides an overview what to look for, what to ask, and resources to help you make sure you are getting your fair slice of the startup pie.

Understanding equity.png
Job Offer Appraisal.png

BONUS 4: Job Offer Appraisal Tool (value $497)

Early Bird Only


While your salary is the core of the appraisal, there are other elements of the job offer which should be considered. This tool helps you quickly assess the full offer value.

Weren't doing the math? Don't worry, we got you...

The total value is $3,585

(and it doesn't take into consideration your upcoming salary increase you'll get as a negotiateHER)

Become a NegotiateHER

Get all of it for just $997


Or 6 payments of $216/monthly

Who said you can't have it all? Not us. 

And it's all backed up with a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee

Realize you can't stand Jennifer's West Coast Canadian twang? Feel like the tactics are not for you? Decided you don't really want to be a negotiateHER because it's easier to accept the pay gap?

Look, if you're not happy we're not happy. And then we get frown lines and our botox bills go up, and all of that sounds tremendously unpleasant for everyone involved. We will give you a no questions asked money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Untitled design (26).png

How did Jennifer become a master negotiateHER?


By accident really...

It started when she spent a year negotiating plea bargains (it's a long story). After deciding against law school she started honing her job offer negotiating skills first as a job hopper, then as a recruiter, and finally as a manager and leader at multiple SaaS companies. 

She has personally negotiated her own increases of up to $40k, and helped her clients get increases of $1-50k without risking their professional brand or their offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still scratching your head and trying to figure out is Unleash Your Inner Negotiator is for you? Friend, we got you....

I've already shared salary expectations. Can I still become an negotiateHER?

Absolutely! While we won't lie and say it's easy peasy, but until you have signed the offer any expectations you shared can be changed. We even included a lesson in the course on this exact thing!

How do you know it will work for me?

We don't teach anything that hasn't been proven. While we created this program based on what works best in our experience, our experience is +15 years of negotiating job offers, with dozens of books read and clients worked with. That said, being a negotiateHER isn't for everyone, which is why we offer the 30 day money-back guarantee. 

How much more will I make?

We can't answer this for you because it's up to you, boo. You own your own success and the numbers you ask for. However, even if you become a master negotiateHER, the simple act of confidently making your ask is likely to get it for you. 

I don't identify as female. Can I still join?

Of course! These strategies and tactics have been designed to help remove the obstacles many women face - but people of all identities can face these struggles. If you believe this program is what you need to slay your salary negotiation we're excited to serve you!

I'm planning to begin my job search in the new year, can I wait to buy this program?

Honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to offer this program again outside of our upcoming Elevate program. And if I do, I'm not sure when, and it definitely won't be the no-brainer steal that saves you $2,000 that it is right now.

How long will I have access to the materials?

You get lifetime access. Now, what that means to us: as long as Capdeca Solutions, LLC exists the course will be accessible EXCEPT if we decided to re-platform our courses OR sunset legacy offerings in which case you would have a heck of a lot of notice and would be able to download the full schabang. 

I saw a course on Udemy and it was a fraction of the price. Why is this program so expensive?

You get what you pay for. If you want discount advice I hold no judgment and I still think we should be career success besties. But you have to ask yourself about alignment: can a discount course teach you how to get a premium increase? Consider that and invest in yourself accordingly.

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