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2018 Product Training Trends

It's that time of year where we begin to not only reflect on the progress we made this year, but also we are looking into the next year and setting our goals and visions. With that we wanted to share the trends in product training we see that we think will gain steam in 2018.

1. In-App Performance Support

Until now I would say that organizations that have integrated this in their products are early adopters, I think we will begin to see mainstream adoption based on the impact on user experience and satisfaction ease of knowledge transfer is. (If you curious if it will display your current program check out our thoughts on that too).

2. Microlearning

With the user in mind, microlearning, especially with the use of short videos will see a rise in usage. The ability to integrate into learning journeys, include within help documentation or in app support, and the general ease of consumption will promote a growth in microlearning as a tool for product trainers - this is one we're very excited about.

3. Training Migrating Away from the Training Team

This is one we don't like because we think it negatively impacts learners, but it has been happening for some time for various reasons, but learning will continue to decentralize away from the training team to external users, the customer success and marketing teams, and other stakeholders or Udemy/Teachable entrepreneurs (for mainstream products). The exception will be for organizations who are inclusive in their approach and adopt the next trend

4. Learning Journeys become a central function for the training team

Overlaying sequencing and enablement expertise to existing content is the future of the product training team, especially in non-monetized environments. This will grow collaboration of the training team with sales, customer success, marketing, technical writing, product and support.

5. 70/20/10

Following the 70/20/10 industry trend, we'll see shifts in what product enablement looks like, starting with free training. Paid training will lag iunfortunately, this is due largely to customer's perception of value.

What trends do you see for product enablement that you think should be on this list? What are you excited to adopt in 2018? We'd love to hear in the comments.

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