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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

I recently with a mid-level manager and I had to share this story because he was incredibly frustrated and desperate to help, but powerless to do so.

He works with a woman who is very talented.

She had worked there for twice as long as he had, when was promoted (passing her).

Eventually she was promoted as well, but he's on the fast track to the next level (and probably the one after that) and she doesn't have any visible path upwards.

And he admits...

...She works *way harder* than him.

...She is better at the actual job than he is.

...She wants to reach the next level more than he does.

...He is actively trying to help raise her up with him (and beyond him).

But she will not help herself.

He was invited to a meeting with their CEO to present. He thought she should be there, and told her about the meeting and even told her to ask their manager to add her to the invite.

"I don't want to meet with the CEO anyway" was her response.

She made no effort.

He spoke to their manager who shared he didn't invite her because she didn't seem interested in the opportunity.

Just so we are clear if you have an opportunity to present to your CEO you take it.

This mid-level manager came to me asking me to help him be a better ally to her, to help her get ahead.

The thing is, he can't help her because she doesn't want to help herself.

I haven't met the person he is trying to help, so I don't know what her motivations are...

Does not know how important any executive time you can get is to accelerate her career?

Is she lost in what options are available to her to market herself effectively?

Does she recognize the ally she has?

Does she see that she's focusing on the wrong things and it's keeping her stuck where she is instead of taking quantum leaps up the ladder?

Does she know, REALLY KNOW, that she deserves it?

We all hold ourselves back in a different way, from our subconscious limiting beliefs of what we can achieve in our careers under the glass ceiling to our willingness to speak up in a meeting because someone may make a judgment or unwanted comment.

So, I have to ask... what's holding you back? Are you ready to do something about it?

Are you ready? I am and I'm waiting for you when you are >

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