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Three Things Training Services Should Not Be

There are a few things we’ve seen in Training Service organizations which miss the mark, and are likely to impact the P&L’s success (and revenue). While we love to focus on how to do things, sometimes a list of don’t is immensely helpful. This list is targeted at SaaS companies, so if you work in another industry or dedicated training firm they may not apply.

Without further ado, these are the things we think Training Services (or TaaS) should not be:

  1. The only way to access learning materials. Throwing up a paywall to access all learning resources including product documentation is a big no-no; not only will you alienate your customers, you’ll probably piss off the sales and customer success team.

  2. Target only at the typical user. While this is an important audience to serve, but the best value will likely be realized by those that need to have a deeper understanding: the developers, administrators and power users.

  3. One size fits all: determine your audience to localize content, offer customized solutions that work for an individual enterprises, and most importantly don’t just do what another company is doing - you and your learners are unique so find the best ways your learners can engage.

What would you add to the list? We’d love to hear in the comments or on twitter @capdeca!

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