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Why L&D Teams Need to Adopt Customer Journeys

For many years, a popular mantra in the learning & performance support industry has been ‘learning is not a one time event’ and many practitioners have been adopting long term engagement tactics to better support learners. I’ve been excited to see more discussion about what can be learned from marketing since I have been an enablement professional supporting marketing technology for more than 5 years and have been integrating marketing tactics into my enablement strategy for just as long.

The first thing we should steal adopt from marketing is customer journeys. What is a customer journey you ask? Forrester gives a great description: “The customer journey spans a variety of touchpoints by which the customer moves from awareness to engagement and purchase.” The journey doesn’t end at the sale for most organizations; in fact it’s the beginning, and marketing subsequently maps out adoption, nurturing and renewal journeys. These journeys are frequently personalized to help get the right person the right message at the right time.Compare this to how many L&D organizations operate which tends towards being passive and non-tailored.

Implementing learning journeys will accomplish a few things L&D organizations struggle with:

  1. Promotes progressive learning. This not only promotes ongoing enablement versus short concentrated bursts, it allows you to deliver learning opportunities in a more effective and scalable way.

  2. Fosters a culture of learning. Most companies are trying to integrate a culture of learning, mapping and executing learning journeys aligns with this.

  3. Tells the learner what to expect. As part of onboarding a new employee or partner, you can introduce what their learning experience will be. They’ll know that they’ll receive relevant information and education opportunities with you.

  4. It’s proactive. Learners don’t know what they don’t know, journeys will guide them in their professional development or product expertise.

  5. Enhances employee/partner/customer experience. The more they know, the more successful they’ll be - and that what we all want.

Have you started implementing learning journeys? What was your starting point? We’d love to know in the comments.

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