Beat the bots, get to human eyes and demonstrate that you are their dream applicant that makes them say OMG get her on the phone PRONTO.


Instead of scratching your head at how to optimize your application, paying resume writers hundreds of dollars, or just surrendering to spray and pray strategies and hoping you can send out enough applications to get an interview, why not use digital marketing strategies to optimize your application and have a top 1% resume?


In this express workbook + explainer mini-masterclass, you will discover:

  • How to identify keywords in a job advertisement.

  • A simple hack to take the guesswork out (you’ll smack your head in shock you didn’t know this secret sooner)

  • Strategies to organically integrate those keywords into your resume.

  • The one keyword you must integrate that companies use to automatically filter out candidates ensuring their application is never seen (even if they’re perfect).


Ready to fly past the ATS and to the top of their radar? Add Top Tier Application to your cart and create your outstanding resume today!

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