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Is it possible to go from having a subzero to extraordinary LinkedIn presence?

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You are looking for your next job, and know LinkedIn can help.

You are eager to impress anyone who lurks your profile.

You dream of having recruiter sliding into your InMails, bringing opportunities to you instead of the other way around.

You know it can be used for networking, since the usual IRL events are all on paus.

But you are clueless on where to start.

You want to hide under a blanket if someone mentions 'profile optimization'

You aren't sure if you're at the stage in your career where companies will come to you.

But you see the possibilities that come with having a powerful online presence.

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It starts with knowing what your profile needs to do for you...

Cultivates connections to people in your network, others in your industry and opportunities.

Makes you and your awesomeness discoverable by recruiters and hiring managers.

Gives you immediate credibility to anyone who happens to lurk your profile.

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You gasp yes but how.png

And not in an I'm so excited to get started way, but in an OMG-I'll-never-be-able-to-do this kinda way.

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And You Sit There...

Wondering what it would be like if recruiters came to you.

Pondering what the 58% of employers to check your online presence think of yours (or lack of presence, rather).

Grappling with a boring AF profile that barely says anything about you (let alone making an impression)

Puzzling about what you need to do.

Doubting if you can *actually* find the time to figure it out and do it.

While Others...

Get the InMails.

Get the perception advantage before they even speak to the anyone who can hire them.


Get dozens of profile visitors a week (or each day) - and the connections and opportunities that go with the views.

Rank high in LinkedIn searches, jobs and maybe even make the odd appearance in newsfeeds.

Have the online presence you want to have.

You can have a powerful professional presence (from  socially safe distance)

Getting more profile views - especially from people who are hiring.

Hearing remarks like, "I noticed that on your profile," in interviews.

Being crystal clear on the next step you want to take in your career, and having a roadmap to make it happen.

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I have developed a system  that takes away

...the need to guestimates what to put in your profile.

...the problem of being stumped about what to put in your summary.

...the struggle of facing becoming an SEO expert, conversion copywriting and content marketing all just to get a job.

It literally & truly takes you from bare and boring profile to an online presence that bolsters your application and boosts perception about you.


How to elevate your profile to gain the position, pay and praise you deserve by activating the Slay Cycle

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Why Jennifer Is Your Girl.png

I’m Jennifer and I am just as ambitious, determined, and sometimes overwhelmed as you are.


I am a mom (read: tired all the time, usually with an unknown substance smeared on my shirt)


I am a Hopeful Realist (read: I believe we can change the world and our workplaces)


I’m a Lazy Over-Achiever (read: constantly finding the hacks to get faster outcomes)


I also have gotten as many as 10 job opportunities a week in my Inbox with little to no effort from some of the coolest start-ups and biggest players in the tech industry.

I have been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, MSN Money, The Zoe Report and many more. 

Jennifer Brick.png

I know what you are thinking...

I got my last job with a LinkedIn profile that was emptier than an abyss.


I'm not trying to get recruited, I'm just trying to get hired.

How would this move the need towards me getting a job offer.

This is what’s included in this search accelerating program:


Intentional Identity

Uncover your secret sauce so that you can begin sharing it with the world.

  • Identify your informed ideals that define you (Bonus: these will help you narrow your job search).

  • Determine your strategic superpowers that transform you from one of many to the one and only.

Profile Prestige

Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you are discoverable, delightful, and dare I say desirable (professionally of course)

  • Increase your discoverability to increase profile view by 17x

  • Unborify your bio and experience sections with zingers that make anyone who creeps your profile eager to know you.


Association of Admirers​

Identify your fans so that you know who will promote your impact.

  • Map your network of advocates.

  • Leverage endorsements and recommendations to boost your LinkedIn cred.

Expertise Exhibition

Start dropping knowledge bombs and flaunting facts to show the goods so that you can increase your influence and authority.

  • Content strategy to showcase your awesomeness and build your tribe.

Scale Your Status (5).png

(course value $297)

You probably noticed this, but things have changed.

Within the span of a few weeks, we went from record low unemployment where jobs were easier to get than candy on Halloween...

To record levels of joblessness... and we don't know where the bottom is.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have hope, the reality is quite the opposite.


Companies who are hiring are laser-focused on bringing on the best people (i.e. people like YOU).

But you have to have the right job search strategies in place.

LinkedIn is key to two of those strategies: networking and referrals. 


Before You Apply on LinkedIn Precision Training

(value $49)

Ever had that moment of panic before you click 'Apply'? Us too, especially on LinkedIn where the Easy Apply button makes it so simple (and error-prone). In this precision training, you'll get a video walkthrough and checklist on what to look at, updates you might want to make before you apply, and the one crucial step so many skip (but is almost guaranteed to get human eyes on your application).

LinkedIn Messaging Swipe Files

(value $108)

Designed to complement the Scale Your Status program, we know that finding the right words is sometimes ours. So we're loaning you ours. Use them as is, or make them your own. PLUS we update these files as we find templates that work well. 

Weren't doing the math? Don't worry, we got you...

The total value is $454

Become a NegotiateHER
Scale Your Status (6).png

Get all of it for just $89

or do three monthly payments (total $103)

And it's all backed up with our

money back guarantee (1).png

Realize you can't stand Jennifer's West Coast Canadian twang? Feel like the tactics are not for you? Decided you prefer to be a faceless profile on LinkedIn and hope for the best?

Look, if you're not happy we're not happy. And then we get frown lines, and let's face it - our ability to get the fillers we need to smooth those out is seriously impeded right now. To calm your fears and our stress lines, we have a no questions asked money-back guarantee within 30 days.

(Okay, we do ask SOME questions because if we can fix your concerns we want to, but we won't make you jump through hoops or prove you have said sacrificial prayers to get your money back).

Here are the answers to your burning questions

Where and when do the classes take place?

It’s all online on-demand so you can do it at your pace, in the comfort of your own home at a safe social distance , without judgment if you don’t brush your teeth (okay maybe some judgment there).

Do you guarantee I'll get a job through LinkedIn if I join?

My darling, I wish I could but I cannot. What I guarantee you is that I've put all the essentials to optimize your profile, uncover make makes you awesome, and the exact steps to take to raise your visibility and start gaining some serious clout. Ultimately, if you do the work and feel like you gained zero from it, give email us within 30 days for a refund.

I don't have a job right now. Will it work for me?

This was built for people of all employment statuses. 

How long will I have access to the materials?

You get lifetime access. Now, what that means to us: as long as Capdeca Solutions, LLC exists the course will be accessible EXCEPT if we decided to re-platform our courses OR sunset legacy offerings in which case you would have a heck of a lot of notice and would be able to download the full shebang. 

How long will it take?

Scale Your Status was designed to be completed in 3 days -  but we've had clients finish it in a day and some who took longer. It's at your own pace, so do what you need... there is no timer that expires or prize for finishing first.

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