Is it possible to go from overlooked overachiever to unignorable powerhouse in 72 hours or less without brown-nosing, bragging or betraying who you are?

You are an ambitiously pursuing the next step in your career.

You want to be the person people turn to intently because they know you have the answers.

You want performance reviews that resemble love letters professing the admiration bestowed upon you.

You want the buckets of bonuses, increases and incentives PROfluencers comman.

You want to be the obvious and only choice for that promotion.

You want the validation that only recruiters sliding into your DM’s on LinkedIn brings.

You have been told you must promote yourself to unlock opportunities.

But you would rather be ignored and overlooked that become a shameless self-promoter

You are too humble even attempt to #notsohumblebrag

You are not one to hog the credit, even when it deserves all of the hogging.

But you see the possibilities that come with cultivating clout and raising your notoriety at work

You try to self-promote...

You try spending reports outlining your impact.

You try mentioning your achievements in your 1:1s.

You offer your expertise in meetings.

You even try flaunting your feats (even though you feel like you need to shower afterward)

You fail dismally, shamefully, defeatedly…

None of these inspire any awe (or attention).

None of these make people see you as an authority or make them think of you first when they have a problem or an opportunity.

So you try some more

You ask your work bestie to brag about you (but no one seems to notice her either)

You read all the books that outline the problem and offer no actual advice other than to ‘lean in’ and ‘find mentors’ like those are magical solutions.

And all your efforts fizzle…

not in an inspirational ‘I’m more resilient way, but in a daydreaming- of-quitting-your job-to-become-a-sugarbaby-or-join-a-pyramid-scheme’-kinda way.

And You Sit There...

Wondering: How do some people get all the attention and accolades when they’re doing the same thing (and getting the same results) as you?

Pondering how can you gain the esteem and affection of your boss and coworkers.

Grappling with the double-binds and double-standards

Puzzling about what you’re secret-sauce you’re missing.

Doubting if you will ever have the opportunity to elevate your career to the level you aspire.

While Others

Get the attention

Relish in the recognition

Grow in prominence

Get the opportunities…

All with the power of notoriety!

You don’t need to do this anymore

I have developed a system  that takes away

...the need to gloat or grandstand.

...the problem of invisible impact.

...the struggle with navigating double-binds and skyrocket your status top talent to be retained (and elevated) at all costs.

It literally & truly takes you from stealth talent to stellar stand-out without the need to bootlicking politics


How to elevate your profile to gain the praise, pay and promotions you deserve by activating the Slay Cycle

Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

I’m Jennifer and I am just as ambitious, determined and sometimes overwhelmed as you are.


I am a mom (read: tired all the time, usually with an unknown substance smeared on my shirt)


I am a Hopeful Realist (read: I believe we can change the world and our workplaces)


I’m a Lazy Over-Achiever (read: constantly finding the hacks to get faster outcomes)


I am someone who knows how to fast track careers using a concoction of psychology, digital marketing and technology


I have been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, MSN Money, The Zoe Report and many more. During my employee era I went from entry level to executive within three years, 4x’ing my salary without sacrificing my sanity or my soul… all because I know how to escape the double-binds and double-standards .

I know what you are thinking

It won’t work for me because I can’t make opportunities come to me, or I don’t want or need a flash personal brand.

If it was that simple, everyone would be doing it and recruiters wouldn’t exist and everyone would get promoted.

How is this different from resume writing or personal branding?

This is what’s included in this life-changing program:

Intentional Identity

Uncover your secret sauce so that you can begin sharing it with the world.

  • Identify your intentional ideals that define you.

  • Determine your strategic superpowers that transform you from one of many to the one and only.

Profile Prestige

Optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you are discoverable, delightful, and dare I say desirable (professionally of course)

  • Increase your discoverability to increase profile view by 17x

  • Unborify your bio and experience section with zingers that make anyone who creeps your profile eager to know you.

Association of Admirers​

Identify your fans so that you know who will promote your impact.

  • Begin to map your network of advocates.

  • How to leverage endorsements and recommendations to boost your LinkedIn cred.

Expertise Exhibition

Start dropping knowledge bombs and flaunting facts to show the goods so that you can increase your influence and authority.

  • Content strategy to showcase your awesomeness and build your tribe.

(course value $297)

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have ever seen before

scale your status

Uncovers who you are and what you really want for your life & career.

Designed to reveal your voice, unleash your superpower and showcase you.

Delivered in short and super effective videos & workbooks.

Highly tactical, totally focused on action, and each task is broken down into simple to implement steps.


Assumes you already have all the answers (or that those answers don't matter)

Canned resumes, pre-written and antiquated approaches to online presence - all devoid of your essence

Hours and hours of content that bury you… or just a written blob which makes no sense.

Discuss how much a problem sucks, vaguely state a stereotypical solution, and wave a magic wand and hope for the best.

BONUS 1: #HashtagDomination

(value $99)

Increase your impact on LinkedIn with a proven hashtag strategy to grow your reach, network and clout.

BONUS 2: Bodacious Brand Basics

(value $149)


Show up consistently as you online and in your professional assets. Define your brand vibe for the things you actually think of when you think of personal brand (font, color, and an optional logo)

BONUS 3: LinkedIn Messaging Swipe Files

(value $108)


Never be stuck on what to write a new connection, how to ask for an endorsement or what to include in a recommendation. 

Weren't doing the math? Don't worry, we got you...

The total value is $653


Get all of it for just $49

Launch Squad Discount of 93% 

And it's all backed up with a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee

Realize you can't stand Jennifer's West Coast Canadian twang? Feel like the tactics are not for you? Decided you want to stay stuck instead of joining a tribe of #careerclimbers?

Look, if you're not happy we're not happy. And then we get frown lines and our botox bills go up, and all of that sounds tremendously unpleasant for everyone involved. We will give you a no questions asked money-back guarantee within 30 days.

How did Jennifer become a master negotiateHER?


By accident really...

It started when she spent a year negotiating plea bargains (it's a long story). After deciding against law school she started honing her job offer negotiating skills first as a job hopper, then as a recruiter, and finally as a manager and leader at multiple SaaS companies. 

She has personally negotiated her own increases of up to $40k, and helped her clients get increases of $1-50k without risking their professional brand or their offers.

Here are the answers to your burning questions

Where and when do the classes take place?

It’s all online on-demand so you can do it at your pace, in the comfort of your own home, without judgement if you don’t brush your teeth (okay maybe some judgement there).

I’m not looking for a job or a promotion, do I need this?

You don’t NEED anything except oxygen, water, food, and maybe some love (we all can use a good cuddle). If you WANT to elevate your status, gain recognition, or be known for the badass you are at what you do, well… then you want this.

I’m currently searching for my next opportunity, will this program help me?

This course will absolutely help with your job search strategies, especially INBOUND opportunities (where recruiters come to you - it’s my personal fave). But know it doesn’t specifically cover applications, outreach, interview prep, negotiation, and all that jazz.

I don't identify as female. Can I still join?

Of course! These strategies and tactics have been designed to help remove the obstacles many women face - but people of all identities can face these struggles. If you believe this program is what you need to slay your salary negotiation we're excited to serve you!

How long will I have access to the materials?

You get lifetime access. Now, what that means to us: as long as Capdeca Solutions, LLC exists the course will be accessible EXCEPT if we decided to re-platform our courses OR sunset legacy offerings in which case you would have a heck of a lot of notice and would be able to download the full schabang. 

How long will it take?

Scale Your Status was designed to be completed in 3 days - you’re one long weekend away from growing some serious clout. But you can take the time you need because as long as this company exists you get access.

Enroll now