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How to go from having a generic boring resume to an OMG-inducing interview-getting masterpiece in as little as 60 minutes


You've been trust onto the job market

(or have low key been looking)

You want to be the one who gets all the interviews

You want to be confident when you click 'Submit' a bot is not going to eat your job application.

You know you're perfect for the jobs you're applying for and if got to the stage of speaking with a human it would be obvious.

You know you should be showcasing your accomplishments more on your resume.

You know it's important to customize and optimize your resume before you apply.

But you have no idea where to get started.

You don't *get* the whole keyword thing.

You don't know how to make your accomplishments sound as earth-shattering as they are.

But you see the possibility that comes with reflecting your awesomeness in their terms...

You try to DIY your resume...

You add bullet points to the one that got you your last job

You try to spruce it up by googling and adding action verbs.

You even watch endless numbers of YouTube videos and search resume templates trying to find a better way of pulling it all together.

Your resume is still boring AF

You've just put lipstick in a pig and are expecting it to sing showtunes...

It shouldn't be surprising it's the same hot mess it was in the first place.

So you go *all out*

You hire a resume writer (and it seems great - for that one job)

You real all the books and can recite the color of your parachute.

You write a functional, a hybrid, and hope fo a different result... 

But it all results in crickets

and not in the consolable 'it was a long shot' way, but in the sad I-just-dropped-my-ice-cream kinda way.


And You Sit There...

Wondering: How do some people apply to one job, score the interview then the offer.

Pondering how you can make your incredibleness obvious

Grappling with growing competition and less job openings.

Puzzling about if you should just liquidate your 401K and runaway to Costa Rica (if only your 401K was ready for that).

Doubting if you'll ever get a job... or if you should just give up and move into your parent's basement.

While Others

Get the interviews

Walk into the interview as the leading candidate

And someone still get multiple offers

All because they have a top tier resume!


You don’t need to do this anymore

I have developed a system  that takes away

...the ineffective rewrites (they're as boring to read as they are to write - I promise)

...the elusive process to optimize your application.

...being job-blocked by bots who just don't get you.

It literally & truly takes you from a resume that never sees human eyes to top tier resume without fibs, fabrication or agony.


How to beat the bots, wow recruiters & captivate hiring managers.

Remarkable Resume Framework

Who's this chick?

I’m Jennifer, a Career Strategist. I've been honored to have my advice featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, The Zoe Report, MSN Money, Working Mother, and many more.

I broke my teeth in my career when I was working as an Account Executive in recruiting firm as the Great Recession hit, and I learned so many lessons from each perspective of job search during a recession.

While I left recruiting, I quickly became a hiring manager and leader - finding myself dusting off the recruiting hat as needed when I ventured into the startup world.

I've reviewed thousands of applications, wrestled with poorly configured ATS systems, interviewed hundreds of job seekers and personal made dozens of hiring decisions.

I'm also a reformed job hopper and consider myself an honorary marketer after spending most of my career in martech.


I know what you are thinking

It won’t work for me because I can’t write.

If it was that simple everyone would do it and no one would need help with it.

How is this different from what the other 536,493 Career Coaches are telling me?

This is what’s included in this job search transforming program:

Top of the Stack Preview.png


Identify your triumphant talking points and integrate them into the optimal places on your resume.


Deep-dive into the AWE-bomb categories, the flow to make the most of each, and position yourself as their dream candidate.


Overview of identifying keywords, resources to help and a guide to personalizing your resume.

(course value $127)

Let me show you what this is different

Top of the Stack

The resume has three jobs (key conversions)

We teach you to fish: we give you the framework and know-how to update or write your resume and optimize it.

Action focused: primarily workbook driven with concise explainer videos.


Optimize for one or two conversions (some don't realize there is a third).

Writes the words for you, or forces you into templates that either you don't understand or they just suck.

Want to watch 10 hours of video and then DIY?

PLUS: Remarkable Resume Suite

(value $201)

Stunning & fully customizable resume templates, writing guide, 

Untitled design (69).png

Weren't doing the math? Don't worry, we got you...

The total value is $328

Become a NegotiateHER

Get all of it for just $79

or 3 payments of $33

And it's all backed up with a 100% 30 day money-back guarantee

Realize you can't stand Jennifer's West Coast Canadian twang? Feel like the tactics are not for you? Decided you want to stay stuck instead of joining a tribe of #careerclimbers?

Look, if you're not happy we're not happy. And then we get frown lines and our botox bills go up, and all of that sounds tremendously unpleasant for everyone involved. We will give you a no questions asked money-back guarantee within 30 days.


Here are the answers to your burning questions

Where and when do the classes take place?

It’s all online on-demand so you can do it at your pace, in the comfort of your own home, without judgment if you don’t brush your teeth (okay maybe some judgment there).

I just want the Remarkable Resume templates, can I buy them separately?

Not today, but soon! 

Why is it so cheap, does it suck?

It doesn't suck, we intentionally kept the price substantially below the market value purposefully. First, we know the need is because of a global recession and pandemic, and charging a lot when the need is highest and resources lowest felt shady to us. But we wanted this out there to help the people it could help - so we balanced the fact we're a business who aims to have a profit margin to find the price point that felt accessible but also sustainable for us. Second, this is a new program - and we selfishly want success stories. We're willing to totally over-deliver to make YOU successful so that WE can brag about it. Seems fair to us, what do you think?

How long will I have access to the materials?

You get lifetime access. Now, what that means to us: as long as Capdeca Solutions, LLC exists the course will be accessible EXCEPT if we decided to re-platform our courses OR sunset legacy offerings in which case you would have a heck of a lot of notice and would be able to download the full shebang.

Do you guarantee I'll get interviews?

While we can help you boost your chances, we can't guarantee anything. But we stand by our products, and if you aren't happy you can ask for your money back within 30 days. We will try to make it right if you're not happy, but there won't be hoop-jumping.

Can you just write the resume for me?

Resume writing has its place, but we believe that doing this on your own, in your voice and talking about your own awesomeness, is the most powerful thing a job seeker can do. If you want a resume writer.

Couldn't I just hack this together from your YouTube videos?

You can try! If you watched the webinar I tell you what you need to do. If you want to take time to learn you can figure this out and save $79. Or you can get in the express lane, which hopefully shortens your search (and agony level). Either way, we think you're awesome and you need to do what is right for you and we're happy to help in whatever way we do help you.

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