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Disruptor. Innovator. Problem Solver. Believer.

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An unapologetic corporate climber, Jennifer skyrocketed her career from entry-level to executive in three years in fast-moving (and sometimes cutthroat) NYC tech industry. Always an entrepreneur at heart, she stepped off the corporate ladder when she discovered her true purpose: helping ambitious AF professionals, especially womxn, dismantle the glass ceiling for themselves and others… for good.

The only limits that can hold you back are the ones you accept.

From the time I was six years old I thought I was going to be a lawyer, which is a weirdo thing for a kid who doesn’t know any lawyers, but we can psychoanalyze that another time. Because fast forward 17 years, with my shiny new Bachelor of Criminology and stellar LSAT score, I was about to live my dream - after taking a gap year to live in Europe (naturally). Within a week of moving to Dublin, my dream went out the window and I ghosted my law school applications and barrister dreams. 


I went on a three-year career walkabout. During University I had already held a slew of roles ranging from box maker in a factory, to premium help desk support, to wholesale management for a global athleisure brand. I tried my hand at accounting, sales, recruiting, network administration, and many more, which culminated in being faced with the worst question I could be asked in an interview: “Why can’t you hold a job?”


The answer was, I was finding myself, and I had a steady stream of better opportunities, higher pay, and more growth prospects.


I finally found my home in SaaS Professional Services and Customer Success, where I lived and grew for a decade.


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Haha, nope. My sister can vouch for that. Until I moved to New York City, my goal in life was to be a software trainer #4life. Helping people gain the tools they need to thrive at work was (and still is) *everything* to me.


But, this city, it inspires you.


For me, I discovered my ambition and desire to increase my impact and my employers’s bottom line. I grew through a major M&A, got promotions and pay increases when I was pregnant and on maternity leaves (ya know, when your career statistically stalls out when you’re female). 

I got to a rung on the ladder I never thought possible for myself. But there was something wrong…


I was always an entrepreneur. My superpower was always starting a business in a business and growing it to multi-million dollar P&Ls. 


I overstayed my intention in corporate because I loved leading teams and helping people on my team and beyond succeed. 


My exit came down to two things.


Without returning to an enterprise company, my scale of impact was limited. And while I love working with big companies, I learned at Salesforce was working in one wasn't my passion was.


But the real deal-breaker was this: I was tired of making millions of dollars for rich white dudes who openly disliked and discriminated against womxn and other minorities. 

My true purpose is to help you rise.

Bro culture is a disease, and we can’t fix it by talking about it. We fix it by getting paid, rising the ranks and reaching back to help others.


Why I’m Different

By training, I’m a criminologist, which seems disconnected from career success, but really overlaps so much. A lot of challenges and obstacles stem from workplace deviance and corporate psychopaths (which, FYI, accounts for about 1 in 25 corporate executives). But what I really learned as a criminologist is people hacking - and I’m adamant about using those powers for good.


My career launchpad was recruiting, and it was intermittently a part of my job when I was working for scrappy startups. I’ve made more hiring decisions than I can count, participated on promotion committees, and mentored dozens of employees.


But most uniquely, and most effectively, in my opinion, is my role of honorary marketer. I happened to work in martech for the better part of 8 years, and I got to work with the world’s most admired brands (and their incredible agency partners). I’ve learned design, conversion copywriting, brand positioning, SEO and more from the best.


By my true superpower is my overly analytical brain. I’m an observer, pattern finder, and cut through the bullshit-er.


To be your career bestie

We are your bff who gives you the hard truth you need to hear, the pep talk,  checks on you when you're crying in the bathroom stall, PLUS the expert guidance you need to get to the next step. Whether it's climbing the corporate ladder or landing your dream job, we've got your back.

Skyrocket your self-belief

Establish 100% awareness of your awesomeness & potential. We help you see it, and help you amplify it to become recognized for it (whether that's acknowledgement from your boss or speaking on stages is your choice).

Create a culture of lifting others up

We need to help each other if we want to end the boys club and create the people club. We have a strict 'no mean people' policy AND are creating a community who help others rise.

Change the world

Our biggest hairiest most audacious dream is to see workplace equality become a real thing by the time our kids get there. Each of us as individuals have an enormous amount of power to make this happen -  together, we've got this.



Success is not solitary, and we know our strength is in our collective.


Not afraid to go against the grain, we make the best kind of trouble.


Without this, we are nothing.  


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