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Our Mission

We are building a more equal workplace by helping women accelerate their careers and reach their potential as leaders and mentors by helping them take control of their careers, build effective relationships and market themselves, and smash the glass ceiling. 

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About Jennifer

I've been a coach my whole life. It all started in my high school years when I taught softball clinics to help girls succeed in the sport, and as I grew in my career it evolved. As I invested heavily and figured out the pathway to smash ceilings, I immediately began working with the super talented and ambitious women I worked with to help them grow. After more than ten years in the tech industry, I realized my passion for helping women thrive in their career, and the impact it has on creating more equal workplaces, I realized my passion and my purpose is to change the world by helping women step into their power and potential. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with you.

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