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Have a Great Day at Work (4 Easy Tips)

Several weeks ago I wrote a post on Thrive Global about how to have your best week ever, and I got so much response on it, I wanted to expand on it with this post and video.

Because obviously I want you to how to have a good day at work because that will help you have a positive attitude at work which in turn will help you get the promotion, pay and praise you deserve.

With that, I have four tips to help you have a great day and your best week ever - plus a bonus tip to amp it up.

Tip 1 Have a plan

I know that like 70% of you just felt a compulsion to click away, but stay with me. I promise I’m not going to ask you do anything crazy or go over the planning deep end like I have…

Knowing what you will do each day, and ideally, the order you are going to do it in isn’t going to just make you more productive, it’s going to make you have been days.


Well, aside from the obvious of your day being smoother there are a few more perks. You can prioritize tasks, you get the thing you hate most done first and spend the rest of your day doing the things you love (instead of dreading that one thing), and you can work from an increasingly proactive place.

And this my friend is what will pay off in dividends.

Because if you are proactively planning and taking things head-on you are taking control of potential issues and avoiding problems.

And you know that nothing ruins your day faster than an unexpected issue.

And even if one of those arises you’ll be better able to respond since you already have your day in order.

There's so much that goes into planning and I know that not all of you will be interested in this topic, so let me simplify this to a simple process: write down three things you need to get done today. If anything on the list makes you cringe do it first and get it done.

Tip 2: Create your bubble

There is absolutely no need for me to tell you that the news cycle these days is crazy. That’s true no matter where you live or where on the political spectrum you are. Fear sells - it keeps you captivated and consuming more. It’s so easy to fall into worry, anxiety, and stress -- and to start walking around with that all the time.

Over the years I've heard so many times that you’re supposed to leave your personal life at the door when you come to work, and vice versa.

But let's face it, while you might be able to somewhat compartmentalize if you’re experiencing an extreme emotion you can’t leave it at the door.

And while you can’t control all of the good or bad things that might influence how you feel - you can control the bubble you live in for the rest of it.

Facebook’s newsfeed is based on the content you interact with. Your Instagram homepage prioritizes images from the profiles you interact with most. Twitter has trending hashtags based on your influences. Watch one video to figure make overnight oats and similar videos will dominate your recommended videos on YouTube.

You may feel like it’s inevitable.

No it’s not. You are control of the information that comes at you.

The best thing I ever did for my mental health was turn off my New York Times notifications.

Change the content you seek and all of sudden in case of doom and gloom dominating your recommended, inspirational content can.

Stop spending hours scrolling Instagram to hate view photos influencers are posting of their hashtag best life because so many of those photos are completely fake anyway.

You’re going to consume media. You’re going to participate on the internet in some way. Figure out the healthy content and focus on that.

Tip 3: Wake up early

Another one that you’re like wtf Jennifer what are you doing to me - and I’m not naturally a morning person either so I get it.

But think about the impact of having an extra 30 minutes in your day.

When you wake up, late, and hurry to get out the door to work, how are you showing up?

Stressed? Disheveled with your dry shampoo showing? Hurried?

How do you think that energy carries you into your day?

On the other hand, what would happen if your morning wasn’t rushed? if you had time to yourself, to get your life together. Even better, what if you had time to do something that set you up for success.

There's a reason the morning routine at 5:00am wakeups have stuck: they’re actually awesome once you make it a habit.

And you don’t actually have to wake up at 5am.

Just get up 30 minutes earlier - or when your first alarm goes off instead of snoozing it and the next seven you have set.

Try it for a month and you’ll be hooked!

Tip 4: Create Success

The easiest way to have a great day at work is to make it a great day - and what’s better than crushing it?

I mean, imagine getting praised for the work you’re doing - automatic good day right?

How about getting a promotion, or even just the flattery of a headhunter in your inbox?

The more you’re able to cultivate career success the happier you'll be.

Trust me, nothing feels better than reaching new levels of your potential that you didn't even know existed

To help you do just that I created my free masterclass. You can change the game, tilt it in your favor, and get the pay, promotion and praise YOU deserve.

Conclusion + Bonus Tip

Once you implement these simple tips you’ll realize that you can’t remember the last time you had a bad day. They will put you totally in control to cultivate the life and success that you want.

And once you have these squared away, you can focus on the bonus tip: have a positive attitude at work.

Being positive at work across all scenarios is going to put you squarely in control of having a great day everyday at work.

This takes more than just ‘choosing your attitude’ which would be so much easier… so in my next video and next week on the blog, I’m sharing six strategies to have a positive outlook at work.

I'd love to know, how do you plan your day?

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