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How to Make Mondays Awesome

Dear Reader,

Here we are.

Another Monday morning.

Look, I don’t want to assume I know how you’re feeling right now.

Maybe you’re dreading another week doing a job you’ve grown out of.

Or maybe you’re hoping this week will finally bring you the recognition you know you deserve from the boss who under-appreciates you. If you’re feeling anxious about another week in a career that feels stuck, just know that you’re not alone.

It’s so frustrating to be feeling stalled when you see people who work half as hard (and have half the talent) getting ahead.

So here’s the deal - your career path is completely unique - and even though I know I can help you FINALLY overcome whatever’s blocking you from landing you the promotion you deserve... any offer I make you is probably going to be the wrong offer.

Because what’s clouding your filter around finding the path forward is going to be totally different from someone else’s.

So let’s do something totally nuts.

Let’s talk… like human beings.

Let’s get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from moving up the ladder.

Let me get to know you, your challenges, where you're going and where I can help.

If I can help, I'll tell you.

If I can't, I'll tell you.

You deserve to be in control of your career.

Helping people defy the barriers that block them from having the career of their dreams is my life’s work and although this email is probably going to turn my calendar into a logistical nightmare, I’m going to make the time to talk to folks who are committed to saying NO MORE DREADING MONDAYS!

If this is you, click here and let’s talk.

One thing though - We have really limited spots and we want to serve those who are genuinely looking to solve their career roadblocks once and for all.

And warning: I’m NOT like other career success coaches. I only work with those who are willing to take responsibility for the life they’ve created.

This means no whiners.

No victims.

No folks who are always looking to blame someone else for the problems in their life, feel entitled to growth without putting in the work or aren’t willing to take ownership of their careers.

I’m looking to help those who are done feeling like powerhouses in all these other areas of their lives but stuck in the space where you spend most of your time and should be giving you fulfillment instead of frustration.

Your dream career is waiting for you.

I want you to take control of the opportunities you have.

And that you can even create those opportunities on your own.

And have a plan to connect with others and gain recognition for your impact. If this sounds like you, let’s jump on a call and get clear about what’s holding you back. And see if I can help (or not).

If I can't help, no harm, no foul. Just a friendly conversation, not some scammy high-pressure sales call.

Quick, grab a spot before my calendar fills up.

Talk soon!  


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