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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 2020.

Does LinkedIn optimization sound technical, and quite frankly terrifying? I know it does to a lot of people, but it’s actually really simple.

In fact, all you need to do is focus on the four LinkedIn Optimization Zones.

Do I Have to Optimize my LinkedIn Profile?

If you have no goal of finding a job, selling a product, gaining recognition as an expert and authority at what you do, or hiring anyone, I guess you don't.

But having an optimized profile makes all of those things easier.

LinkedIn isn't just the world's largest professional social network - it is also the largest professional database. Like any search engine, it's going to consider things like the presence of keywords, connections, and signal strengths.

The reason optimization is important on LinkedIn is that it relies on an algorithm - that's what decides if you show up when a recruiter at your dream company is searching for someone just like you.

If you want to make sure people can find you, admire you, and hire you on LinkedIn, keep reading...

What You Are Optimizing For

Most Linkedin profile optimization blogs and videos focus on optimizing for the machine; they cover or how to make the algorithm make your profile appear.

But you need to optimize for more than that.

Your LinkedIn profile also needs to be optimized for the humans that see it. They are the ones that click your profile to visit it, and ultimately with take the action you inspire.

We don't want that action to be leaving from boredom, right?

What you really need is a LinkedIn profile that people WANT to visit, which is why I have integrated both technical and human optimization into these LinkedIn Optimization Zones.

LinkedIn Optimization Zone 1 Your LinkedIn Headline

The first thing someone sees when your profile appears in search or in the Linkedin newsfeed is your profile picture and your LinkedIn Headline.

With less than half a minute to make a great first impression, you need to nail these...

But your LinkedIn Headline is carrying more weight than your photo because it also happens to be prime keyword territory.

Your Job Title | 2-3 keywords/skills | Triumphant Talking Point

If you need a deep dive into what each of these is, what this video.

LinkedIn Optimization Zone 2 Skills Section

Did you know that simply adding at least 5 skills to your profile can yield 17x more views?

You can add up to 50 skills to your LinkedIn profile; if you're just starting out this can feel like a lot, so you can start off by adding 10-15 to get the ball rolling.

Skills influence your rank in search and when you're applying for jobs, so do more than just adding any skill. Take time to research which hard, soft and technical skills you should showcase.

No matter what, make sure they are relevant to your chosen career path.

Optimization accelerator: One you have added skills, get endorsed for your top skills.

LinkedIn Optimization Zone 3 Your LinkedIn Summary

Can we all agree never to write another terrible LinkedIn summary. You know the ones...

They're written in the first person, full of jargon and buzzwords that communicate nothing, and are a few measly sentences when you have up to 2000 characters...

And this is also a crucial place for those keywords - and to make profile visitors fall in love with you (okay, maybe not in love, but they'll be super impressed when this is done right).