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Stop worrying about this to get promoted

Recently I spoke fairygodboss about what women should stop worrying about at work.

There are so many things that women have to worry about at work that men don’t…

How to respond when someone takes credit for your work.

How to earn the respect of your client - even though you’re the most experienced and qualified person in the room.

What to do when you’re repeatedly asked out by a colleague or client.

How you’re going to negotiate with daycare, the babysitter and your spouse to not miss any more work this week because your kid is being sent home sick (again).

How to not scream the next time someone tells you to smile.

These are all valid things that at some point you may face in your career.

But there is one thing that I encourage all of my clients to stop worrying about...

Stop worrying about being liked.

Listen, this isn’t permission to transform into a callous bitch and step on everyone and anyone to get ahead.  That’s a losing strategy. You may know someone this has worked for - but let me assure you it only works so far and for so long before it comes crashing down (besides, that is not who YOU are).

You have probably read at some point about an inverse relationship women experience as they ascend in their careers between their level of success and their likability.

You may even be working under the assumption that if you want to reach the c-suite you won’t be liked.

But there is more to it than that…

Did you know that women are generally rated as better leaders than their male counterparts?

And every super success female leader I know has been both generally liked and admired by the people that work with them.

The reason you can stop worrying about being liked is that the path to success doesn’t mean you will be disliked.

In fact, I teach my clients how to build a network of advocates at all levels who in fact like them and are personally and professionally invested in them.

The truth is, no matter what level you are at, there will be people who don’t like you. But as you rise, you are exposed to more people, and their opinion of you may reflect their opinion of themselves much more than their actual personal feelings towards you.

Don’t let someone else’s baggage stop you.

If you're ready to drop those bags and take control of your career - let's talk. We offer a limited number of complimentary Breakthrough Sessions every week where we can strategize with you on what's holding you back and how to accelerate your career.

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