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What is Learning Experience Design & How Does It Relate to Learning Journeys?

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is getting a lot of traction in the industry. It elaborates on instructional design to move the focus from incremental objectives into the bigger picture and aims to improve engagement during the knowledge acquisition process. Andre Plautt wrote a fantastic blog post, Elements of Learning Experience Design, which is a must read for every learning professional.

Shifting from ISD to LXD should be a natural part of the transition from building training programs to creating Learning Journeys. There are three ways that these concepts of creating journeys and LXD naturally align:

  1. By shifting our focus from one component of performance or skill mastery, we naturally fall into the full journey and incremental requirements required to obtain the needed knowledge. In LXD you logically map the things a person will need to know to do the function, considering what the learner needs to know before addressing the component you are focusing on. In building Learning Journeys, we are actually webbing these elements all together with formal and informal learning opportunities.

  2. We begin to consider modalities for delivery. In our journeys, there will not necessarily be synchronous or asynchronous learning options for all knowledge. We think about knowledge acquisition over a span of time and how best to deliver it, which naturally brings us into LXD which aims to optimize the learner’s journey.

  3. Both seek to consider session experience and interactions; and both of these should be considered within the confines of the session or module, as well as within the journey as a whole.

Has your organization adopted LXD? Have you gathered data on outcomes? If so, we’d love to hear success stories in the comments!

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