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Why Do you Deserve This Promotion?

If you don't know how to answer this question beyond saying that you want more money, or you're just really interested in climbing the corporate ladder, keep reading.

In my last post, I told you how to prepare for your job promotion interview. But there's actually one question that I do want to dig in today. And that is, "why do you want this job?"

And this question trips up a lot of ambitious professionals. And it should be simple.

You know why you want a promotion, because you're ambitious, you want to get to the next level, because you want to be a leader. But they're not actually asking you why you want the promotion...

They're asking you to describe why you DESERVE the promotion.

Those are two very different things.

Today I'm going to share with you today are the two questions that you need to be able to answer to yourself in order for you to effectively answer this question in an interview scenario, and make sure that you stay until the end, because I'll be sharing the question that they'll be asking you, and that's going to be how you know you've absolutely nailed it.

Are you ready for it?

No like, Are you seriously, really ready for it.

Because if you're going for a promotion, be it a step up the ladder, a step diagonally on the ladder, or maybe it's stuff that is eventually going to bring you up the ladder, or if it's a promotion in terms of title in terms of responsibility in terms of compensation, or hopefully all three, you need to be ready for this.

And I don't think that you're here reading this post because you feel really ready.

You would not need to watch this advice, if you knew how ready you are really deep down, you came to this video because you're asking yourself a question like, what was I thinking? Should I even bother showing up? Am I ready?

I know exactly what you're thinking right now...

"How does she know?"

There's something that I can tell you already, especially if you're female, but really, this applies to anyone who's watching this video, you can have the perfect script, you can walk into that interview, and you can execute that script with perfection, you can say exactly the right thing at the right time to the right person. However, if you do not know that you deserve this promotion, you will not get it. If you don't believe in yourself, whatever words you use will not matter.

Because is if you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

And just to clarify, this isn't just like my personal opinion, like, oh, here's my thoughts. You can either believe them or not? No, no, there is research on this. The person who has the highest level of confidence in themselves is the one that inspires the most confidence from other people in them, even when that confidence has no basis. And that's why in the real world, we encounter all sorts of people that have ascended in the ranks that we wonder, how did they ever get there?

And the answer is actually really simple. It's because they're actually so dumb that they believe in themselves. They have so much overconfidence, it inspires other people to have that level of confidence. And that's what helps them rise.

Now, wouldn't it be great if you can take that information and use it for good instead of evil?

Truly knowing that you deserve the promotion is what's going to get you there. Much more so than any words or reasons why, at the end of the day, hiring is not quantitative. It's qualitative. It's a fundamentally emotional decision. So if you're a low key by being self doubt, that's what people are going to pick up on. In short, you have to give yourself the promotion first before anyone else well, once you do, everyone else is going to follow.

Who is does the job really deserve you?

Especially when I'm working with clients that are earlier in their careers, this is something that they really struggle with, I'll bet you $100 internet dollars, that you've never really stopped to ask yourself this question.And it doesn't matter if you're applying for a new job or if you're applying for a promotion. If you're interviewing for any new opportunity, you need to ask yourself, does this job deserve me. And there's a few questions that are going to help you figure this out.

For the jobs you deserve you it needs to do a few things: it needs to best leverage your skills and your capabilities, it needs to help you grow. And when I say this, I mean that it needs to help you grow both professionally but also personally. The thing is, if you're someone who is dreaming of the corner office, like if you have C suite dreams, you need to be challenged.

If you're in a role that's not challenging you it's not going to be the role that's moving, moving you forward. And it's going to slow you down on the career track, which you really need to be aware of, because not all promotions are created equally. You really need to ask yourself, if this opportunity is getting you on the right track. Or if it's taking you off of the right one.

It needs to be the right environment that's really going to foster and help you reach your potential. And this is where you actually really have to stop and ask yourself, if you're in a position that's asking you to justify your ambition and explain your potential. Are you really in the right place?

Seriously, because if you're being asked to justify yourself now that you're being considered for the promotion, then you're going to probably have to justify yourself again. And it seems kind of arbitrary, and maybe even a little bit lazy to be asking such an obvious question.

And ultimately, I think it ignores one of the most important components of the interview, it ignores the fact that you are interviewing them. This is just as true and a promotion interview as it is for any job interview that you're going to experience over the course of your career. And in my experience, most super talented and highly ambitious professionals, because they're not in control of their careers. They feel like they're bystanders in their career. Like they're just waiting around hoping that the right opportunity presents itself.

The thing is, if you're not in control of your career, you are putting your own ceiling on your ability to succeed. You should not be in a promotion interview, being asked to defend why you want the promotion, why you deserve the promotion, why they should hire you.

Ultimately, when you stand in your power, and you know that that job is yours because you deserve it, they're going to be asking you the question you really want them to ask. And that is...

How do we not promote you sooner?

If a job interview is a required part of you getting the promotion that you deserve, cool, but what they should be doing is pumping you up, because they already know that you're their person, they know you're the best of the best. And they know that the success of their company and their team is dependent on you accepting the role, which ultimately leaves a decision in your hands. You get to decide if you accept the promotion.

If you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, and you're not being headhunted by other teams of our companies, that is a strong indicator that your career growth strategy is not working, you need to fix that. And the reason that the strategy isn't working is because the career growth strategy that you've been told, wasn't designed for you. those rules were set up for you to fail.

And this is exactly what I help my clients with.

I help them deconstruct and add a new strategies that are going to work for them. I help them change the game and set the rules that stack the odds in their favor to build the career the lives that they really want. And it all begins with my free masterclass, The 5 Breakthroughs to Get Promoted.

I highly recommend checking it out, it's 35 minutes, it's going to be the best 35 minutes that you've ever invested in your professional development. And even better, you can watch it on demand right now. Go to, put in your name and email, click watch now and you can watch it on demand.

And actually I'm curious, are you already a target for recruiters if you are going to the comments type I already am.If you're not yet and you want to be let me know down below.

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