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What if your resume was more than just a pretty face?

(and you didn't have to agonize over what to put and where to put it?)

The majority of job seekers apply for jobs online, but did you know

75% are never seen by a human being?

3 in 4 large companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which parses your resume into plain text to ‘read’ it.


The result is the vast majority of job applications are not considered (or seen) by the hiring manager.


Only 2% of job applicants are interviewed at all.


Which means chances are, you aren’t being given the chance to knock their socks off (let alone land the job), unless your resume is getting you through the three non-negotiable hurtles.

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Remarkable Resume (4).png
The Remarkable Resume Template Suite (1)

A precision guide and stunning templates to quickly create a resume that beats the bots, wows recruiters and makes hiring managers desperate to speak to you in as little as 60 minutes, even if you have no idea how to write resume.

Your Resume Should be as incredible as y

Stunning Design

Receive a library of job seeker templates that include resumes and cover letters. You can choose (and even customize) the one that feels like you.

Know What to Say

Avoid one of the biggest resume mistakes, and follow our prompts to showcase the information that gets you hired.

Finish in a Flash

You are 60 minutes or less away from a eye-catching (and bot-resistant) resume.

This is everything you get with Remarkable Resume


More than just prompts, this workbook guides you through writing your resume as quickly and impactfully as possible.

(value $99)


Showing up consistently starts with your job application. We’ve added cover letter, reference list, and thank you letter templates to make each point of contact you have memorably YOU. 

(value $75)

The templates are in DOC and DOCX format and will work in Microsoft Word on PC & Mac. 

The value of the bundle is $174

Get all of this for only $27

Get it now

Imagine not cringing at how boring your resume looks - or how it boring it reads. That you could craft your resume in record time and be confident that you’re putting the right information in the right place.


How would you feel if you were confident that your resume was doing its job showcasing exactly how awesome you are, and made hiring managers eager to speak with you. That if you didn’t hear back, you knew it was because it wasn’t *your job* and not that they just couldn’t see your potential.

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Jennifer brick.png

You were able to show up on your job application as wonderfully as you do IRL.


Knew EXACTLY what to include to help get your application to the top of the pile.


 No more fumbling with docs to get make your resume look how it’s supposed to, then praying the ATS doesn’t break the whole dang thang.


Stop spraying and praying a resume and not knowing if it is a resume that works for you.

Maybe you’ve already done everything you could with your resume. You’ve written it. Rewritten it again. Had a friend proofread it. Yet after all the applications you put your effort, energy, and hope into, all you’ve heard are crickets in reply.


Or maybe you’ve worked with a resume writer (and paid them hundreds of dollars) and have been handed back a doc that didn’t sound (or feel) like you.


You have stress and anxiety about when you’re going to get the interview so you can have a real shot.


You don’t have time or money to waste on courses, writers or coaches who feel like their selling false promises or asking for the equivalent of your soul in exchange for the remarkable resume you want.


You don’t have to worry about catching their eye with a stunning resume only to end up in the bin because you failed to captivate their attention.

Unlike other resume template bundles you can find anywhere on the internet that give you a doc and some thought & prayers, this bundle gives you the color by number guide to make sure your resume does more than look pretty.

You deserve a resume that stops recruiters in their tracks and makes hiring managers eager to speak to you.

My resume has never looked better thanks to Jennifer's expertise, guidance, and ease of following the guide.  This literally saved me hours of work and frustration by eliminating the guesswork.  Not to mention the checklist for updating my LinkedIn profile to get noticed in this competitive market !

-Kim D

Have a 1% resume.png

Visually appealing, memorable AND easy to scan.

Guide that walks you through making your awesomeness (and hireability) easy to see.

Tools to help you create a top of the pile resume in no time.

Conversion optimized to be ATS & human being friendly.

... all this for just $27

Why Jennifer Is Your Girl.png
bullets (1).png

I’m a former recruiter, digital marketer and word wizard who has been crafting resumes longer than I’ve had drivers’ license (sooo…. it’s been a long time).

bullets (1).png

I’m not JUST  a resume writer who wants you to pass the ATS but don’t care what happens after (because what’s the point in that). I’m a Career Strategist, Success Coach, writer, personal brand expert and cheerleader of you. I start at the 30,000ft perspective of what it takes to get hired, and zeroed in on exactly what a resume needs to do and how it supports the process (PS: Anyone who tells you the ONLY job of a resume is to get you an interview doesn’t know what the eff they’re doing).

bullets (1).png

I’ve coached and mentored more top performers than I can count (and not just because I have a short attention span)

bullets (1).png

I may be straight talkin’ tough chick, but let me assure you, I give ALL OF THE EFFS about your success.


I’m a Success Alchemist and Career Strategist for ambitious AF professionals.


After job-hopping originating my professional career as a recruiter (after a serious stint job hopping), I transitioned into professional services and client success and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews, and made dozens of hiring decisions.


I’ve boosted it by working alongside the world’s top marketers to learn how to build a brand, optimize conversions and get attention (in the non-doucheiest way possible, I promise)


I combined these skills to do what no one else does: bring marketing tactics into job search and resume writing.


I want you to save time, stress and brain space from blasting ineffective job applications. After all, you are a person of style and substance - your resume should be as well.

Jennifer brick resume refresh.png


Sure, you could…


You could do your best to dupe my designs (and try not to feel slimy about it), but it’s going to take you countless hours and a world of frustration you don’t need.


You could spend a dollar less and get ONE template on Etsy WITHOUT the guidance on what to put (so what if you end up with resume equivalent of arm candy, amirite?).


You could trust the advice of those who tell you how to pass the ATS, but have no idea how to get you through the interview (or the role your resume ACTUALLY plays in it).


You could give up and keep sending the boring Word template that everyone uses and struggle to be the standout you deserve to be.

You could throw your hands in the air and pay someone +$200 to write your resume for you and end up with something function but devoid of your voice (which is exactly the thing that actually gets you hired).

This is unheard of in this space. Most sell you a non-refundable digital download, and if you actually hate it, or it doesn’t work, you have no recourse other than fixing it yourself - which is exactly why you bought the template in the first place. 


I’m extremely proud of what I put out into this world, and if you didn't feel 100% happy with your purchase for any reason, I would feel 100% like garbage if I had your money.


While I can’t guarantee you’ll get the job interview, land an offer, and live happily ever, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the templates and the value of the workbooks and resources included in this bundle.

money back guarantee (1).png
Jennifer Brick.png

Get this absurdly amazing price *right now* before I come to my senses and charge what it’s worth.


Maybe you came here wanting a template, and you’re not sure if you need more than that. 


But a fancy schmanchy templates is nothing if it isn’t filled with enticing and exciting information that makes recruiters and hiring managers alike clammer to call you. 




This is a special offer at $27, and it will not be available for long. You don’t want to miss it.


How will I get access?

Once you click ‘purchase’ you’ll be whisked to our member site where you can instantly access the templates, guide and workbooks.


How many times can I use the templates?

You get personal use for life, my dear, which makes getting the library of templates even sweeter. If your personal brand or vibe shifts, you have options.

Are they all ATS friendly

Most ATS systems convert your resume to plain text for the scan, and present that version in their dashboard. This process does garble tables & two-column layouts that are both eye-catching and space-efficient. We have both two column and single column option. You choose what you are optimizing for.

Can I just create the templates on my own?

Sure, you could spend HOURS setting up your own template and scrutinizing each pixel. But think of what your time (and sanity) are worth. And after all that, you still won't know if you’re putting the right information in the right place.


I don’t like the color scheme. Can I change it?

Of course, you can! Everything is editable. You can use it as is or adjust to your heart’s content.

What format are the templates in?

They US standard side (A4 is coming!) and are DOC and DOCX files that can be opened and editing in Word (PC & Mac). Note that occasionally formatting goes a bit wack (it's a Word thang based on editions and your OS). We assume you know the MS Word basics to use these.


Can I just get the Remarkable Resume Workbook? 

Sure, you can pay more and get less. No, bother to our bottom line…


What if I decide it is not for me?

That is what my money-back guarantee is for. As someone who gives all the effs, I do reserve rights to offer to resolve whatever has made you unhappy, but if you prefer unhappiness I’ll issue a refund and we can still be #careerbesties.

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